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"Everywhere you spring a leak, the world hangs a bucket."
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What makes us different?


Craig and Jim Hoffheimer ran a small manufacturing company in Cincinnati, Craig went on to become International VP for a global manufacturing company, and later COO of a family owned Chicago manufacturing company.

Jim moved to Florida, working with internet companies and marketing driving schools, with successful sales to the US Army and others.

Jim holds a master's degree in Finance from Babson and Craig holds a business degree from the Ohio State University.
Who We Are

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Coral Springs, FL
Cincinnati, Ohio

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Craig and Jim carefully screened strategic partners with the following criteria:

1. Our partners are highly experienced and have an unblemished quality and ethical record.

2. The programs do not degrade the quality of products or services our clients provide to their customers.

3. The savings are “low hanging fruit”, benefits realized in weeks or months not years.

4. The companies had to agree to work on a contingency basis, no usable savings found, no cost.

5. Programs had to be “universal” in that they are able to be used by most businesses.

Our partners  have saved clients over    $300,000,000 to date.

On average, Clients that qualify, Benefit between $150,000 and $300,000

We don’t get paid unless you do

We do all of the upfront work

We go after benefits that mostly go unclaimed every year.

1. There are over 70,000 pages of Tax code; you (your CPA) can’t know them all. There were 800 major changes in the code just last year! We are focused on a few lucrative rules.

2. There is a new hiring incentive put before congress every week.

3. Obama Care brought the largest opportunity to save on health care with our benefits program in years!

4. 1 million more companies now qualify for tax breaks and stimulus money than last year.
Why do these programs work?
Policy Acts we work from include:
a.American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
b.SBJA (Small Business Jobs Act
c.HIRE Act.
d.Economic Stability Act
e.Energy Policy Act.
f.Frank Dodd Act.

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